Christmas 2022 at Didi (Sister) Home

Our aim this year was to provide Christmas treats for the children, and new school clothes for the youngest (who in time-honoured fashion usually only receive hand-me-downs!).

Our fund-raiser was the Aide Nepal Magnoac Christmas Singalong, Over 50 friends and supporters joined us for an evening of carols and Christmas songs, helped by mulled wine and punch, and tasty snacks. We had very enjoyable evening, and greatly exceeded our target of €400 for the event.

A massive thank you to Melodie and Ross Minty for organising the event. Thanks also to members and friends for lending a hand and providing scrumptious snacks.

With the proceeds of the evening, we were able to meet our aim of supplying new clothes for the children, and ensure they enjoyed an enjoyable Christmas dinner. Sayni Chaudhary, who runs the home, sent us this message: “Thank you so much for your support. It is important for our children have a good day ahead”.

Update from Didi Home

Our most recent news from Didi Home (August 2022)

Now with 24 youngsters to accommodate, the Didi Home, built for 12, was bursting at the seams! Sayni has found an annex for the boys, which is about 20 minutes away.

It is spacious and has the advantage of land where the boys are growing maize and keeping hens, ducks and goats.

Every month Aide Nepal Magnoac (ANM) sends NRs 80,000 (£530) to Didi Home to support and educate the 24 children. It is not a vast amount but we have not been able to hold fundraising events, and our resources are drying up! If we are to continue supporting these young people we desperately need more. Just £10 month, or whatever you can manage, will make a significant difference and help give one these children a future.

I know these are difficult times but please, please help if you can.

A child needs your help

Allow me to introduce two recent additions to the Aide Nepal family at Sister Home. The young fellow below is Ganesh Chaudhary who is 11 years old. Ganesh’s father disappeared some time ago and his mother remarried. As is often the case, Ganesh was forced out and survived by begging. He was found by a police officer and taken to Sister Home. Ganesh was a very sad little chap but has now settled in, is going to school for the first time and enjoying life.

The young girl pictured is Rupa Chaudhari, 7 years old. Rupa’s mother died and her father disappeared. She was left to fend for herself and was in danger of ‘exploitation’ when found by the police. Rupa has been at Sister Home for 6 months, is enjoying life now and doing well at school.

Both children are members of the Tharu ethnic group, the majority have Chaudhary as their surname.

To Help
Aide Nepal Magnoac is now supporting 24 children at the Sister Home, aged 3 to 12 years. It costs £27 a month to provide a child with accommodation, food, clothing and education. If you would like to help please go to the link below…just £2 makes a difference.

To help, go to our donation page for more information.