The Annual General Meeting of Aide Nepal Magnoac (ANM) will be held at 17h00 on Thursday 23 February at Cafe Marcha, Castelnau Magnoac.  The Committee warmly invites you to attend this meeting, the first since 2020.  

 The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:


 Apologies for Absence

President’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Approval of a Deliberation allowing ANM to benefit from the will of Lesley Salchert (*see below)

Any Other Business

Please do let me know if you propose to attend (or indeed if you won’t).  I shall write separately about catering and other arrangements (it would be wrong to miss the opportunity to enjoy some of Marcha’s specialities).  We the committee look forward to seeing you on the day.  There is a lot to tell you, both about the past three years and the future of our association.

Charlie Mochan, Treasurer

*  Lesley Salchert was a member of ANM. After her death in September 2021, ANM learned that she had donated her moveable property to ANM to be sold to support our activities.  This was done, mainly by means of two weekends of “Vide Maison” in October 2021.  The proceeds of the sales have had to be transferred to the French Government via the Notaire in Castelnau Magnoac.  In order for ANM to recuperate the percentage of the sales permitted under French law, we are required to obtain the approval of the members, in a formal meeting, to accept the legacy.


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