Aide Népal Magnoac

Better to light a candle than complain about the dark

Aide Nepal Magnoac supports education projects in Nepal

Our story

In 2015 Nepal was struck by two massive earthquakes. Many thousands were killed and whole villages were destroyed. A group of friends living in the Magnoac area of the Hautes Pyrénées department in South-West France decided to raise funds to help fund the re-building of schools which were damaged or completely destroyed. In 2016 we funded 50% of the cost of rebuilding the school in Taruka, a subsistence farming community in the foothills of the Himalaya to the west of Kathmandu. The school has 150 pupils all between 5 to 10 years old.

Encouraged by the success of this effort, the group decided to form an officially-recognised association, in order to continue the work on a better legal basis. Aide Népal Magnoac saw the light of day in July 2016.

The group’s fundraising efforts have continued since then financing the repainting of the Taruka school in early 2018 and now working on building schools in other villages.

Latest news and events

  • Curry night on 29 February
    We'll be hosting another Aide Nepal Magnoac curry night on 29 February 2020 from 7pm. This time it will be at the Mochan house in Monleon-Magnoac. Members and partners are welcome, and everyone is asked to bring a tasty dish, a bottle, crockery, glass and cutlery. Charlie and Ilse will provide rice and poppadoms. To … Read more
  • Box to Nepal
    A generous supporter is paying for a box to go to Nepal. The box can weigh up to 20kgs – dimensions are 50x45x45 cm. We are thinking of sending: shoes (good condition), age range 3 to 10 years. Soft toys, light but bulky, small is good. Games and craft items. We are looking for donations … Read more
  • Another Aide Nepal success story
    Soyush is the son of an abandoned mum in Kathmandu. His father left Nepal when he was just 6 months old in search of work but did not return. Soyush's mother, Lila, cleans and washes to support them. On what she earns there is no way Soyush could go to a decent school. But thanks … Read more
  • Santa delivers to the Aide Nepal Schools
    Today, Mohan and his little helpers from Kiwanis, visited the Aide Nepal Schools to distribute Christmas gifts on our behalf.The children at Dangsing School received a new satchel and stationary. And Taruka School received three Dell laptops for the new IT classroom. This will enable the senior students to move to secondary education with basic … Read more
  • Christmas card upcycling
    If you are taking down your decorations and cards please do not throw the cards away. We will happily take them off your hands, pack them up and send them to our schools in Nepal for the children to use as art and craft material. If you have cards, please provide to Roy, Charlie or … Read more


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